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“ESOS is different from any fitness or health facility I have ever been to. I love the holistic approach they have to my health. They take care of your body both inside and out. The integration of technology and detox into your workout is wonderful. It isn’t just about weight loss or exercise. It is about being healthier and fitter.”

Tanya G.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work at ESOS for a little over a year now in the capacity as a skin care therapist. What has really been exciting has been the opportunity to see clients cross referencing with some of the other service practitioners and experiencing health in a new way. There is a real education for clients in ways in which they were unaware of. ESOS seems to be a magnet for drawing in health minded people and creating an environment that allows one to fulfill their health potential.”

Jill K.

“Sam offers a complete wellness experience at ESOS. I have trained with him in the past for physical fitness post rehabilitative conditioning. He is also well trained in Thai Massage, which is great for anyone looking for a different way to relax sore muscles. He doesn’t look for a quick fix, but uses current technologies and systems to give you results your body needs! If you are looking for someone who will give you personalized attention and results then you have come to the right place!”

Brooke C.

“ESOS is a comprehensive fitness and wellness company in Scottsdale. Trainer Sam Colby offers a balanced approach to fitness combining extensive training experience with nutritional planning and physical therapy. Sam also offers outside of the box wellness opportunities such as the infrared sauna (love it!) and vibration training (like it less.) Sam’s a good person, and he’ll help you get the results you’re looking for!”

Jason B.

“I love exercising here. Sam is gentle but disciplined with us, sincerely encouraging. He is fantastically knowledgeable about what exercises work, how to exercise, and what will work for each client’s needs. He helps us keep focus on our goals, and I love working out on the CORE PUMP he created which has made 99% of the other machines in a gym totally obsolete! I feel completely comfortable recommending ESOS for everyone, from those needing rehab all the way to someone like The Rock!”

Patricia Z.

Located: 8550 E Shea Blvd, Suite 120, Scottsdale, Arizona  85260


Infrared Sauna

Relax and detox

Burn up to 700 calories in 30 minutes as you absorb the many healing benefits of Far-Infrared energy.

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CorePump Classes

Transform your body

An adaptive resistance strength training, low impact, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness experience for all ages and abilities.

Advancing strength, flexibility, and cardio-pulmonary health while accelerating weight loss, and detoxification.

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LipoLaser Therapy

Sculpt your body

A non-invasive, medical body sculpting treatment that can reduce inches from targeted areas.

Safe, painless and no down time.

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The E in ESOS stands for EMPOWERMENT. Here at ESOS we are passionate about teaching you a variety methods to reach your health and fitness goals.

We are on the cutting edge of true health and wellbeing.

We look forward to helping you begin your journey today!


8550 E Shea Blvd, Suite 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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